Board Leadership Academy

"Being with the other participants made me realize that many many people are still trying to get a handle on this information, and I am not alone in feeling like I'm always learning. The whole experience was very positive."
-2013 Board Leadership Academy participant

Leadership Lancaster offers additional full Board Training and facilitation to meet the needs of your nonprofit organization. Contact the Leadership Lancaster office by calling (717) 394-9393 to discuss how we can help improve your board efficiency and functionality.

Topics available for training include:

Governance Basics
Understand the role of governance in a nonprofit organization.
•Understand what the term "nonprofit" really means
•Identify the moral owners of your nonprofit organization
•Create a job description for your Board of Directors
•Understand the legal and ethical responsibilities of Boards and Directors
•Learn the essential elements of a "model" mission statement
•Discuss special challenges for organizations without paid staff

Building Effective Boards
•Learn the practical application of the concepts discussed in the Governance module.
•Recruit and retain a high-performing Board of Directors
• Run effective Board meetings
• Develop a meaningful committee structure
• Use Mission, Vision, and Values to guide organizational behavior
• Learn the role of the Board Chair, the Executive Committee, and CEO and staff
• Discuss basic organizational accountability and oversight
• Evaluate performance at all levels

Strategic Planning
Prepare to undergo a strategic-planning process or to critique an existing plan.
•Use strategic plans to chart the future of an organization
•Differentiate between strategic, operational, and financial plans
•Understand the roles of the Board of Directors and Staff in the planning process
•Develop a model strategic plan
•Learn about the implementation and monitoring components of planning

Finance & Oversight
Prepare board members for the financial oversight of an organization.
•Understand government regulations
•Make sense of the "Big 3" financial reports
•Use financial ratios to assess organizational strengths
•Develop an organizational budget
•Learn how to build a transparent organization
•Discuss picking an auditor

Prepare board members for their role as fundraisers for the organization.
•Learn board roles and responsibilities in resource development
•Discuss basic fundraising concepts
•Enhance the fundraising capabilities of your board
•Develop a program that works for your organization

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