Leadership Opportunities

As alumni of Leadership Lancaster, you know the importance of staying involved in our community.

Looking for Leadership Lancaster alum to serve as Board members for your organization? Complete and submit the request form to have your openings listed on the website, posted on social media, and be sent in the monthly Leadership Link.

If you are looking for short term volunteer opportunities, please contact the Volunteer Center at the United Way of Lancaster County.

YWCA Development Committee

YWCA Lancaster is seeking volunteers for the development committee who have a passion for our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women. All interested individuals are encouraged to reach out to the committee chair, LuAnn. Specific skills being sought are those related to event planning and fundraising as well as those who identify as community connectors or influencers.

Contact Name: LuAnn Aument

Email Address: aument.luann@comcast.net

Submitted 8/19/19

North Museum of Nature and Science

Website: www.northmuseum.org

Mission Statement: To enable knowledge of nature and science by inspiring individuals, engaging communities, and connecting organizations.

Board Openings:
Contact Name: Kate Wilson
Phone Number: 717-358-4116
Email Address: kwilson@northmuseum.org
Number of Board Positions: 2
Expertise: fundraising, legal, other
Dates and Times: Tuesday evenings; 10 a year
Board term: 2
Board term: 1 year

The Cosmic Bash! Committee Members:
Contact Name: Jane Windlebleck
Phone Number: 717-358-7188
Email Address: jwindlebleck@northmuseum.org
Number of Positions: 5
Expertise: fundraising, auction procurement
Dates and Times: Once a month
Term: 1 year

Submitted August 8, 2019

Faith Friendships Ministries Inc.

Website: faithfriendship.org

Mission Statement: The mission of Faith Friendship Ministries is to demonstrate Christian love by providing supportive care, and residential services, primarily to those with mental health issues and limited resources, affirming and empowering each person as part of our family.

Contact Name: Gwendolyn F. Didden

Phone Number: 717-285-5596

Email Address: gdidden@faithfriendship.org

Number of Board Positions: 4

Expertise: HR, Special events, Fundraising,

Dates and Times: Last Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

Board term: 2- 3 year terms

Submitted 7/29/19

Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen


Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen is the nation's 7th largest craft membership
organization with approximately 1,200 members in 33 states. We are a 501c3 craft education
nonprofit which sponsors educational opportunities and Fine Craft Fairs that reach more than
70,000 people annually.

Job Opening: The Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen (PGC), founded in 1944, is seeking a
visionary leader, skilled manager and fundraiser as its next Executive Director. The Guild is a
501c3 craft education nonprofit that is supported in part by its sister nonprofit, 501c6
Pennsylvania Designer Craftsmen, which guides the Fine Craft Fair aspect of the mission. The
Guild has a staff of 2 full-time (including ED) and up to 4 part-time employees, and is governed
by a board of 15 artisans and community members. PGC's annual operating budget is more than
$350,000. The mission of the organization focuses on fine craft education, assisting artisan members and promoting their work, operating a retail store and sponsoring Fine Craft Fairs.

For more information on this job opening, visit the website above.

Submitted 7/3/19

Clare House, Inc.


Mission Statement: Clare House serves homeless women and children in a caring environment, through life skills training and support, leading to self-sufficiency.

Contact Name: Samantha Kurtz

Phone Number: 717-333-3955

Email Address: skurtz@clarehouselancaster.org

Number of Board Positions: 2

Dates and Times: Second Wednesday of the month, 5:30-7:00pm

Board term: 3 years

Submitted 6/20/19

Penn State Extension Lancaster County


Mission Statement: Penn State Extension is a modern educational organization dedicated to delivering science-based information to people, businesses, and communities. We provide access to face-to-face and online education to our customers "when they want it, where they want it, and how they want it" to help them address problems and take advantage of opportunities for improvement and innovation. Partnering with and funded by federal, state, and county governments, we have a long tradition of bringing unbiased support and education to the citizens of Pennsylvania. We make a difference locally through focused engagement, and more widely to customers connecting in the digital landscape.We have an office in every county in Pennsylvania. By becoming a member of a county council, you help give a stronger voice to extension at the local, public level. Council members are kept up to date on organizational priorities, activities, issues, and budget strategies.

Contact Name: Stephanie Shirk

Phone Number: 717-201-6753

Email Address: sks143@psu.edu

Number of Board Positions: 3

Dates and Times: 3rd Monday of January, March, May, July, September, November at 12pm

Board term: 3 years

Submitted 6/14/19

Lititz Public Library


Mission Statement: The mission of the Lititz Public Library is to provide materials, services and programs for educational, recreational and cultural enrichment to residents of Lititz Borough, Warwick Township and Elizabeth Township.

Contact Name: Kristin Wenger

Phone Number: 717-471-2532

Email Address: kwenger@outlook.com

Number of Board Positions: 3

Expertise: Connections in Lititz, Finance, Fundraising, Operations

Dates and Times: First Monday of every month at 7pm at the Library

Board term: Each term is 3 years and a Board member can serve up to 2 consecutive terms

Submitted 6/10/19

Imani Edu-Tainers African Dance Company


Mission Statement: The term edu-tain describes the organization's mission:To receive and provide training, education and cultural enrichment in African traditions, with an emphasis on family participation.

Contact Name: Sonya Mann-McFarlane

Phone Number: 7178080203

Email Address: smmcfarlane@verizon.net

Number of Board Positions: 1

Expertise: Finance

Dates and Times: Quarterly - Fridays at 5PM - next meeting August 9th

Board term: 3 years

Submitted 6/10/19

Humane Pennsylvania


Mission Statement: Humane Pennsylvania is completely unique. We are the region's largest partnership of animal welfare organizations, combining the efforts and resources of open access and adoption guarantee animal shelters, adoption centers, non-profit veterinary hospitals and clinics, equine rescue, emergency animal service organizations, animal welfare management services, an animal focused charitable foundation, and even a free public dog park.

Contact Name: Lindsay High

Phone Number: (610) 750-6100 x232

Email Address: lhigh@humanepa.org

Number of Board Positions: 1

Expertise: Lancaster County residents

Dates and Times: Board meets bi-monthly, alternating between Berks and Lancaster County

Submitted 6/10/19

Susquehanna Stage Company


Mission Statement: We seek to create extraordinary theatre experiences that educate, challenge, inspire and serve the community and to be a community gathering place for active exchange about culture and the power of creativity. Our aim is to engage audiences of diverse ages, cultures and economic backgrounds through educational, inter-cultural and outreach programs.

Contact Name: Steve Sturgis

Phone Number: 717-823-1843

Email Address: ssturgis@susquehannastageco.com

Number of Board Positions: 2

Expertise: Finance or web software

Dates and Times: Monthly board meetings- Sunday evenings at 5:30PM

Board term: 2 years

Submitted 6/10/19

Lancaster Downtowners


Vision: A welcoming, caring community of seniors that supports independence, social connection and learning.

Mission: To encourage independent living and enhance the quality of life for seniors living in Lancaster by providing members with access to services and social networks.

Contact Name: Melissa Ressler

Phone Number: 717-584-1224

Email Address: director@lancasterdowntowners.org

Expertise: Lancaster Downtowners is seeking Advisory Board Members.The following fields of interest are their current needs: Banking/Investment, Marketing, Medicine/medical fields, Real Estate/Property Management, Fundraising/Development, Information Technology, Nonprofit Systems.The individual does not need to be a city/downtown resident.

Dates and Times: Board meets once a month, 1st Monday at 7:30PM at Community Mennonite Church.

Board term: 2 year term

Submitted 6/7/19

2 Seconds Or Less, Inc.

Website: 2secondsorless.org

Mission Statement: 2 Seconds Or Less (2SOL) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in the heart of Lancaster City, Pennsylvania. 2SOL has a twofold mission. The first is to break cycles of poverty through the creation of educational gardens at schools in Zimbabwe. The second is to give local students opportunities for global engagement that unifies and builds bridges between cultures, as well as grows their capacity for empathetic and intentional leadership through Vision Trips abroad.

Contact Name: Christie Heimbach

Phone Number: 570.279.0470

Email Address: christie@2secondsorless.org

Number of Board Positions: 2

Expertise: Fundraising, Education (secondary and higher ed), or PR

Dates and Times: Every other month on the second Tuesday (starting at 6:30 or 7pm)

Board term: 2 years on with the ability to renew once

Submitted 5/20/19

Alzheimer's Association Greater Pennsylvania Chapter

Website: https://www.alz.org/pa

Mission Statement: To eliminate Alzheimer's disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.

Contact Name: Clay Jacobs

Phone Number: 570-822-9915

Email Address: cjacobs@alz.org

Number of Board Positions: 3

Expertise: Various

Dates and Times: Quarterly - 3 to 4 hours

Board term: 2 years for a max of 6

Submitted 5/16/19

Disability Empowerment Center

Website: www.decpa.org

Mission Statement: Organization provides 5 core services to help people with disabilities live independently. In addition, offers ASL Interpreter Service, Deaf Case Management, and Service Coordination for people with waivers.

Contact Name: Lucille Meissner

Phone Number: 7178982723

Email Address: lucy0441@gmail.com

Number of Board Positions: 1

Expertise: Fundraising

Dates and Times: First Wednesday at 3:15

Board term: 3 years

Submitted 5/15/19

Creative Works of Lancaster

Website: www.creativelancaster.org

Mission Statement: Creative Works of Lancaster explores unexpected theatrical frontiers while nurturing and promoting opportunities for creative expression and collaboration.

Contact Name: Lydia Brubaker

Phone Number: 7178087568

Email Address: lydia@creativelancaster.org

Number of Board Positions: 4

Expertise: finance/accounting, fundraising, networking, strategic planning

Dates and Times: Second Tuesday of each month 7-9pm

Board term: 2 years

Submitted 5/13/19

Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center (PIRC)


Mission Statement: The Pennsylvania Immigration Resource Center (PIRC), a nonprofit organization founded on the belief of equal access to justice, works to protect immigrants' rights to freedom and opportunity in the United States and saves the lives of the most vulnerable immigrants. PIRC provides free, effective legal representation, legal counsel, education, and advocacy to help immigrants obtain or protect their legal status.

Contact Name: Courtney Lewis

Phone Number: 717-779-1083

Email Address: clewis@pirclaw.org

Number of Board Positions: 2

Expertise: finance, marketing, governance

Dates and Times: 3rd Monday of each month from 5pm - 7pm

Board term: 2 years

Submitted 5/8/19

Lane Of Love Ministry


Mission Statement: Strengthening Marriages While Serving Others In Need

Contact Name: Sandra Hooks President/CEO

Phone Number: 717-413-3673

Email Address: laneofloveministry@gmail.com

Number of Board Positions: 3

Expertise: Fundraising/ marketing

Dates and Times: Upcoming meeting 5/25/19 @ 12pm

Board term: 3 terms

Submitted 5/7/19

Coalition for Smart Growth


Mission Statement: Our Mission: To engage the community and influence decision-makers to implement smart growth principles.

Our Vision: A prosperous, vibrant community that achieves balanced growth and protects its unique heritage.

The Coalition for Smart Growth provides Education and Advocacy, specific to matters of Smart Growth and Growth Management in Lancaster County. We do so by balancing the varied viewpoints of our Stakeholders, including agriculture, the building and development industry, affordable housing, urban centers, municipalities, and various cultural and resource preservation interests.

To build bridges between disparate viewpoints, the Coalition for Smart Growth seeks to use its unique and pioneering voice in order to: work proactively, instead of reactively; seek common ground with regard to the balance between mixed-use, higher-density development and the preservation of agriculture and natural areas; and, promote livable, walkable communities.

Contact Name: Joshua Druce

Phone Number: 717-575-9248

Email Address: jrdruce@gmail.com

Number of Board Positions: 5

Expertise: Looking for committee members with experience in environmental/regulatory issues or social justice issues, marketing and graphic design

Submitted 5/6/19

Lancaster Public Library Special Events Committee

Website: https://lancasterpubliclibrary.org/

Special Events Commitee: Made up of community volunteers and lead by LPL Director of Development, Lori Dietrich. 90% of primary focus is the Signature Benefit which takes place in December each year and is a book title themed event. The event is held at the library on Duke Street and raises awareness and funds for the Lancaster Public Library. Signature Benefit duties include silent auction donations, sponsorship solicitation, work with vendors, securing themed details, helping with event set-up and taking one volunteer shift during the actual event.Other events include trivia night, special fundraisers, Extraordinary Give. Committee members are also asked to volunteer at other library special events as needed and when available

Contact Name: Lori Dietrich

Phone Number: 7173942651 ext. 119

Email Address: ldietrich@lancasterpubliclibrary.org

Dates and Times: Meetings are held monthly on the 3rd Thursday at 4:30 PM in the Windolph Room of the Lancaster Public Library on Duke Street. Meetings average roughly 1.5 hours, but typically finish up by 5:45 PM. The committee does not typically meet in June or December.

Submitted 4/30/19

Arch Street Center


Mission Statement: Arch Street Center's continuing mission is to support the recovery of adults living with serious mental illness. Arch Street Center provides a safe, judgment-free environment where members can feel safe expressing themselves, make and foster friendships and discuss their daily challenges, hopes and dreams. The members themselves become their own social support network, often filling a painful void left by family connections previously lost. Members at risk for social withdrawal, discrimination, employment limitations, homelessness and financial instability can find solace, encouragement, friendship, moral and material support through the connections they make at Arch Street Center.

Contact Name: Susan Lilly

Phone Number: 717-392-8536

Email Address: susan@archstreetcenter.org

Number of Board Positions: 3

Expertise: Property Management, Accounting, Mental Health Provider

Dates and Times: 3rd Monday of every month at 4:45pm

Board term: 3 years

Submitted 4/24/19

Sertoma of Lancaster PA


Mission Statement: Service to Mankind

Contact Name: Gary Price

Phone Number: 717-951-3818


Number of Board Positions: 1

Expertise: Fundraising

Dates and Times: 1st Tuesday of every month

Board term: 2 years

Submitted 4/12/19

Revolution Lancaster


Mission Statement: Revolution Lancaster, a 3 year old nonprofit social enterprise providing supportive community and transitional employment to women experiencing homelessness or having barriers.

Contact Name: Charissa Gift

Phone Number: 717-490-2695

Email Address: cgift77@gmail.com

Number of Board Positions: 1, Revolution Lancaster is looking for a board chair.
The board chair will lead the organization into continued sustainability and increased growth. Engagement in strategic planning, development accrual and community relationships is expected.The environment of the board is relational and casual, while focused on growth and sustainability. The board values relationships with each other and has seen the direct influence in successful decisions. Our focus is to build community for our makers and we model that intentionally in the board.

Expertise: Leadership, social minded, business minded, development experience, board experience

Dates and Times: 4/22/19 at 7pm, 7/15/19 at 7pm, 10/21/19 at 7pm, 1/18/20 9am-12pm

Board term: 3 years

Submitted 4/12/19

Boy Scouts of America, PA Dutch Council

Website: www.padutchbsa.org

Vision: To prepare young people to make moral and ethical decisions over the course of their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

Skills and Experience: fundraising, networking, leadership

Dates and Times: First Tuesday of each month 6:30-8:30PM

Board Term: Suggested minimum of 2 years

Contact: Nicholas Barlieb

Phone Number: 717-553-4203

Email: nicholas.barlieb@scouting.org

Submitted 3/25/19

Allegro Orchestra Lancaster

Website: www.allegrolancaster.org

Mission: Our mission is to expand the appreciation and love for classical music across multiple generations in Lancaster County by making great music accessible in new, friendly and playful ways.

Contact Name: Barbara Kavanaugh

Phone Number: 717-288-8461

Email Address: bkavanaugh@cfse.biz

Number of Board Positions: 1

Expertise: finance/accounting

Dates and Times: quarterly on Saturday mornings

Board term: 3 years

Submitted 3/20/19

Ephrata Area Rehab Services


Mission Statement: Providing supports that improve the quality of life and self worth of individuals we serve.

Contact Name: Tim Cable

Phone Number: 717-669-0019

Email Address: TRCable@yahoo.com

Dates and Times: 3rd Monday of the month, 7-9PM

Submitted 2/21/19

Capital Area Therapeutic Riding Association (CATRA)


Mission Statement: Since 1985 CATRA has offered an opportunity for Capital Area residents from all generations with all types of special and typical needs to establish an atmosphere of support, respect, and health in an equestrian farm environment while offering a therapeutic riding experience to those able to benefit from it. CATRA also offers opportunities and events well beyond its weekly therapeutic riding program including its Miniature Horse and Equine-Assisted Programming as well as Paws N' Read in support of childhood literacy. Our board meetings take place in Hershey, PA.

Contact Name: Mike Babbitt

Phone Number: 717-298-7035

Email Address: Mike@catra.net

Number of Board Positions: 4

Expertise: strategic planning, legal, IT infrastructure, fundraising, or human services

Dates and Times: First Monday monthly 7:30 pm

Board term: 2 years

Submitted 2/13/19



Mission Statement: To provide those supports necessary to enable people with developmental needs to live as independently and fully as they desire within the community.

Contact Name: Karen Fitzgerald

Phone Number: 7175796509

Email Address: kfitzgerald@ourexcentia.org

Number of Board Positions: 5

Expertise: finance, marketing, legal, real estate

Dates and Times: quarterly meetings - 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Board term: 3 year term, with possible re-up

Submitted 1/25/19

Donegal Substance Abuse Alliance


Mission Statement: To bring awareness to our community of substance usage; To educate our community that addiction is a treatable disease; To provide to our community the information to obtain treatment for addiction; To provide support to families affected by addiction To support those in recovery.

Contact Name: Stacy Emminger

Phone Number: 717-492-4596

Email Address: stacy.dsaa@gmail.com

Number of Board Positions: 4

Expertise: fundraising, finance, nonprofit management, legal, marketing

Dates and Times: quarterly

Board term: two 3-year terms maximum

Submitted 11/1/18

New Person Ministries

Website: www.newpersonministries.org

Mission Statement: Our mission is to bring healing and restoration through Jesus Christ to those affected by incarceration by providing care of returning citizens and their families through housing, social service assistance and spiritual guidance.

Contact Name: Jordan Kauffman

Phone Number: 7179179498

Email Address: jrkauff1@gmail.com

Number of Board Positions: 2

Expertise: Finance, fundraising, legal - we look for a broad range

Dates and Times: Board meetings are every other month, the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:30 am.

Board term: 2 years

Submitted 10/19/18

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