Leadership Opportunities

As alumni of Leadership Lancaster, you know the importance of staying involved in our community.

Looking for Leadership Lancaster alum to serve as Board members for your organization? Complete and submit the request form to have your openings listed on the website, posted on social media, and be sent in the monthly Leadership Link.

If you are looking for short term volunteer opportunities, please contact the Volunteer Center at the United Way of Lancaster County.

Donegal Substance Abuse Alliance


Mission Statement: To bring awareness to our community of substance usage; To educate our community that addiction is a treatable disease; To provide to our community the information to obtain treatment for addiction; To provide support to families affected by addiction To support those in recovery.

Contact Name: Stacy Emminger

Phone Number: 717-492-4596

Email Address: stacy.dsaa@gmail.com

Number of Board Positions: 4

Expertise: fundraising, finance, nonprofit management, legal, marketing

Dates and Times: quarterly

Board term: two 3-year terms maximum

Submitted 11/1/18

New Person Ministries

Website: www.newpersonministries.org

Mission Statement: Our mission is to bring healing and restoration through Jesus Christ to those affected by incarceration by providing care of returning citizens and their families through housing, social service assistance and spiritual guidance.

Contact Name: Jordan Kauffman

Phone Number: 7179179498

Email Address: jrkauff1@gmail.com

Number of Board Positions: 2

Expertise: Finance, fundraising, legal - we look for a broad range

Dates and Times: 3rd Tuesday of each month from 9-11 am. That is subject to change

Board term: 2 years

Submitted 10/19/18

The Cottage


Mission Statement: Provide assistance to women in crisis and their dependent children as they search for permanent housing; this includes temporaray housing along with supportive services as needed

Contact Name: Diane Duell

Phone Number: 717-872-4834

Email Address: millersvillecottage@gmail.org

Number of Board Positions: 2

Expertise: we need 1 expert in marketing nonprofits and 1 expert in grantwriting

Dates and Times: 6:30pm, usually on a Wednesday but it has varied

Board term: 3 years

Submitted 10/1/18

Lititz Public Library


Mission Statement: The mission of the Lititz Public Library is to provide materials, services and programs for educational, recreational and cultural enrichment to residents of Lititz Borough, Warwick Township and Elizabeth Township.

Contact Name: Lisa Enders

Phone Number: 717-399-1713

Email Address: lenders@rklcpa.com

Number of Board Positions: 3

Expertise: Connections in Lititz

Dates and Times: First Monday of every month at 7pm at the Library

Board term: Each term is 3 years and a Board member can serve up to 2 consecutive terms

Submitted 9/24/18

North Museum of Nature and Science

Website: www.northmuseum.org

Mission Statement: To enable knowledge of nature and science by inspiring individuals, engaging communities, and connecting organizations.

Expertise: Searching for individuals to join the "Auction Committee" for our annual fundraiser, the Cosmic Bash.

Contact Name: Willa Adams

Phone Number: 717-358-4712

Email Address: wadams@northmuseum.org

Kisses for EB

Mission Statement: To bring assistance to those individuals and families that live with Epidermolysis Bullosa daily. To Bring awareness to the Lancaster Community and beyond about the Worst Disease You have NEVER heard of.

Registered 501c3: Yes

Contact Name: Dana Cedeno

Phone Number: 717.344.3952

Email Address: kissesforeb@gmail.com

Number of Board Positions: 2

Expertise: Fundraising and leadership

Dates and Times: 2nd Friday of the month

Board term: 2 years

Lancaster Dollars for Higher Learning


Mission Statement: Our mission is to provide financial resources to Lancaster County residents in support of their post-secondary educational goals.

Contact Name: Christie Livengood

Phone Number: 7176829194

Email Address: clivengood@lancdollars.org

Number of Board Positions: 2-3

Expertise: One needs finance/accounting. All need to have a passion for education.

Dates and Times: First Wednesday of each month at 6 PM.

Board term: Two 3-year terms.

Submitted 8/20/18

Gifts that Give Hope: Lancaster's Alternative Gift Fair

Gifts that Give Hope: Lancaster's Alternative Gift Fair hosts an annual alternative gift fair organized by a group of volunteers and we are currently looking for an individual(s) with a background in web design/IT/Marketing who would be interested in joining our team to compile the online shopping component using square, helping to maintain our website etc. We meet monthly in the months leading up to the gift fair on December 8th from 10-4pm at the Farm & Home Center. You can reach Jenn Knepper at cjknepper3@gmail.com for more info and check out our website www.giftsthatgivehope.org/lancaster for more info about the fair.

Submitted 7/10/18

Strasburg-Heisler Library


Mission Statement: To safeguard intellectual freedom and to provide high-quality services and resources to our customers so that they may achieve their life-long goals and develop our community to its fullest potential.
Contact Name: Bryan Moyer, Board Chairman
Phone Number: 717.940.9475
Email Address: brymoyer@hotmail.com
Number of Board Positions: 2
Expertise: strategic thinking & fundraising
Dates and Times: once a month, usually 2nd Monday of the month
Board term: 3 yrs

Posted 6/11/18

S.P.A.R.K.S. Foundation

Website: www.sparksfoundation.org

Mission Statement: To provide quality hands-on STEM learning opportunities to all elementary grade students, regardless of socio-economic status.

Registered 501c3: Yes

Contact Name: Julia Merrill

Phone Number: 6108165047

Email Address: jmerrill@sparksfoundation.org

Number of Board Positions: 2

Expertise: ability to connect with Lancaster County businesses or individuals

Dates and Times: Quarterly meetings, 2nd Tuesday at 6:30 PM. In person or through GoToMeeting

Board term: 3 year term

Posted 6/7/18

Early Childhood Innovative Connections

Website: ecinnovativeconnections.org

Mission Statement: The mission of Early Childhood Innovative Connections, a 501(c)(3)shared services alliance, is to strengthen the delivery of impactful early childhood education through localized partnerships and shared resources to maximize the quality and efficiency of independent programs.

Contact Name: Diane Koon

Phone Number: 717-588-4800

Email Address: ecinnovativeconnections@gmail.com

Number of Board Positions: 1

Expertise: Leadership

Dates and Times: 4th Wed. at 8:30 AM

Board term: 3 years

Steps to Success, Inc.

Website: www.StepsToSuccessInc.com

Mission Statement: Our mission is to offer families supplemental care and early learning for their children in a nurturing environment so they will grow to be conscientious, productive citizens.

Contact Name: Michelle Harbaugh

Phone Number: 7176563363

Email Address: LeolaStepsDirector@yahoo.com

Number of Board Positions: 4

Expertise: business

Dates and Times: Third Tuesdays @ 6 PM

Board term: 1 year

Submitted 5/15/18

Disability Empowerment Center

Website: www.decpa.org

Mission Statement: Organization provides 5 core services to help people with disabilities live independently. In addition, offers ASL Interpreter Service, Deaf Case Management, and Service Coordination for people with waivers.

Contact Name: Lucille Meissner

Phone Number: 717-898-2723

Email Address: lucy0441@gmail.com

Number of Board Positions: 1

Expertise: Finance

Dates and Times: First Wednesday at 3:15

Board term: 3 years

Submitted 5/14/18

Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation


Mission Statement: The Lancaster Osteopathic Health Foundation improves public health and well-being in Lancaster County by focusing on two intersecting goals: strengthening the capacity of the health care professional community, and improving childrens behavioral health services.

Through grants and scholarships, we advance mental wellness of children and youth in Lancaster County by facilitating access, education and coordination of resources.

Registered 501c3: Yes

Contact Name: Anna Kennedy, Executive Director

Phone Number: 717-397-8722

Email Address: akennedy@lohfoundation.org

Number of Board Positions: 3

Expertise: Mental Health Consumer; Persons in recovery; Fundraising; Banking or Business operations; Finance or Investment; Physician, in family medicine or pediatrics; Mental health provider; school administrator

Dates and Times: 6 times/year, Thursday evenings

Board term: 2 terms, each 3 years.

Alumni?: Yes

Alumni follow up: Sean Post, CPA, Charles Rieck, JD

Submitted 5/9/18

Lancaster Chamber Young Professionals Network


Mission Statement: The Young Professional Network (YPN) provides young professionals (YPs) (suggested age 40 years and under) with a setting to build relationships and develop professionally. The program also helps to cultivate these future leaders and provide them with opportunities for making connections and developing their careers so that they can help shape the future of Lancaster County.

Registered 501c3: Yes

Contact Name: Ashley Garcia

Phone Number: 717-397-3531

Email Address: agarcia@lcci.com

Number of Board Positions: 5

Expertise: None

Dates and Times: 8:00 - 9:15 a.m. -- 2nd Tuesday of the month

Board term: 6 years

Alumni?: Yes

Alumni follow up: Erin Sell

Submitted 5/8/18

The Common Wheel

Website: https://thecommonwheel.com/

Mission Statement: Our mission is to improve lives in Lancaster through the power of bikes!

Registered 501c3: Yes

Contact Name: Laura Hatton

Phone Number: 717-606-7213

Email Address: laura@thecommonwheel.com

Number of Board Positions: 5

Expertise: Various

Dates and Times: 3rd Monday 8am every other month

Board term: 3 Years

Submitted 4/27/18

Arch Street Center


Mission Statement: Arch Street Center's continuing mission is to support the recovery of adults living with serious mental illness. Arch Street Center provides a safe, judgment-free environment where members can feel safe expressing themselves, make and foster friendships and discuss their daily challenges, hopes and dreams. The members themselves become their own social support network, often filling a painful void left by family connections previously lost. Members at risk for social withdrawal, discrimination, employment limitations, homelessness and financial instability can find solace, encouragement, friendship, moral and material support through the connections they make at Arch Street Center.

Registered 501c3: Yes

Contact Name: Dave Stauffer

Phone Number: 717-392-8536

Email Address: davetst@gmail.com

Number of Board Positions: 3

Expertise: Marketing, Fundraising

Dates and Times: 3rd Monday of every month at 4:45pm

Board term: 3 years

Alumni?: Yes

Alumni follow up: Samantha Vollrath

Submitted 4/24/18

Handz On Hope

Website: https://handzonhope.b12sites.com/

Mission Statement: To revive, preserve and enrich the culturally diverse arts in our community and to support pathways to careers in the arts. The goals are: Educating, enlightening, enriching and entertaining diverse audiences through a rich array of career development training, and economic development opportunities through art, craft workshops and performing arts programming.

Registered 501c3: Yes

Contact Name: Schirlyn Kamara

Phone Number: 7172248469

Email Address: schirlynsfineart@yahoo.com

Number of Board Positions: 4

Expertise: fundraising, business,

Dates and Times: Wednesday 10am

Board term: 3 years

Submitted 4/13/18



Mission Statement: To serve the community as a catalyst in the employment of development of people with disabilities

Registered 501c3: Yes

Contact Name: Rocco Cambria

Phone Number: 717-763-0968 Ext: 90113

Email Address: rocco.cambria@ahedd.org

Number of Board Positions: 4

Expertise: Marketing, Organizational Development, HR, Strategy Development

Dates and Times: Quarterly, last Friday of the month, 12:45 PM to 3:00 PM with Luncheon at Noon

Board term: 3 year terms with possible 1 term extension

Submitted 4/6/18

H.E.A.R Inc. The Gate House


Mission: Providing effective gender specific behavioral health services that assist chemically addicted people to establish lives in recovery.

Registered 501c3: Yes

Contact Name: Casey Ellis

Phone Number: 717-393-3215

Email Address: casey@gatehouse.org

Number of Board Positions: 2

Expertise: Strategic Planning, Fundraising, Human Resources, Finance, Legal

Dates and Times: January, April, June, October (6:00 pm- 8:30 pm)/ Committees are monthly and vary in times

Board term: 3 years

Submitted 3/15/18

March of Dimes

Website: www.marchofdimes.org

Mission: March Of Dimes leads the fight for the health of all moms and babies.

Vision: We believe that every baby deserves the best possible start. Unfortunately, not all babies get one. We are Changing That. From advocacy to education to research, we're working to level the playing field so that all moms and babies are healthy. Because when a society supports every family, the future is brighter for all. And when communities come together, even the toughest problems can be solved.

Skills and Experience: fundraising, volunteer recruitment, communications/marketing

Dates and Times: Currently we meet the 4th Wednesday of every 2 months at 8:30 a.m. however, looking to change to quarterly.

Board Term: 3 years

Contact: Michelle Rogers

Phone Number: 717-260-3408

Email: mrogers@marchofdimes.org

Submitted 3/14/18

JDRF International- Central PA Chapter

Website: http://www.jdrf.org/centralpa/

Mission: JDRF is the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. Our strength lies in our exclusive focus and singular influence on the worldwide effort to end T1D. Our mission is to accelerate life-changing breakthroughs to cure, prevent and treat T1D and its complications.

Registered 501c3: Yes

Contact Name: Natasha Lewis

Phone Number: 7179016489

Email Address: nclewis@jdrf.org

Number of Board Positions: 2

Expertise: fundraising, strategic planning, corporate development, community engagement

Dates and Times: 5 meetings per year -- 1/9/18, 6 pm, 3/13/18, 6m, 5/8/18, 6 pm, Sept and Nov meeting dates TBD

Board term: 2 years, renewable; 3 term limit

Submitted 2/14/18

Hands on House


Mission Statement: Creating landmark learning experiences for children and their families through play.

Registered 501c3: Yes

Contact Name: Julia Connolly

Phone Number: 717-569-5437

Email Address: julia.connolly@handsonhouse.org

Number of Board Positions: 3-6

Expertise: No specific expertise - various committees on the Board including Finance, Marketing, Events

Dates and Times: Third Thursday of each month (excluding December)

Board term: 2 terms (each term is 3 years, a Board member can leave after the first term)

Submitted 2/1/18

Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania

Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania is looking for volunteers to help at their STEM Expo event on Saturday, May 19th at Millersville University. Volunteers are needed for a variety of tasks from 7:30 AM- 4:00 PM. Each volunteer will be able to choose what volunteer opportunity that day is right for them. Volunteers will also be given a free t-shirt!

Contact: Lyndsey Mackie, Community Initiatives Coordinator, lmackie@gshpa.org

Submitted 1/11/18

The Mix at Arbor Place


Mission Statement: The Mix at Arbor Place is non-denominational faith based, not-for-profit organization located in Southeast Lancaster City. The organization is dedicated to meeting the academic, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of Lancaster's inner city youth.

Registered 501c3: Yes

Contact Name: Ryan Livengood

Phone Number: 717-701-2199

Email Address: rlivengood@walzgroupcpa.com

Number of Board Positions: 2

Expertise: human resources, legal, education

Dates and Times: 4th Tuesday 6:00-8:00 PM

Board term: None

LL Alumni?: Yes

Alumni follow up: Ryan Livengood, Chuck Pletcher

Submitted 1/2/18

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