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Click to access reference page. Please copy web address to share with references.

References must be received through the online portal no later than Friday, May 24, 2019. Applications will not be considered complete without TWO accompanying references.


Leadership Lancaster strives to build a diverse class based on age, gender, race/ethnicity and life experiences.

Please complete the following information to the best of your ability.

Community Leadership

Achievement of Goals

4. What would you consider your highest achievements to date in the following areas:

Motivation for Applying

Commitment to the Lancaster Community

Contribution to the Strength of the Class

Commitment Form

Commitment must be completed by both the applicant AND the employer.
You must have the full support of your employer to apply. Effective participation requires the approval and full support of an applicant's organization including the time required to successfully complete the program.

I understand that Leadership Lancaster is a learning experience that requires attendance at all program sessions and completion of assignments. The Fall two-day retreat on September 5 and 6, 2019 is a mandatory portion of the program. I also understand that a $150 deposit is required within four weeks of notification of acceptance in order to hold my place in the Core Class. Finally, I understand that tuition is not refundable upon withdrawal from the program.

I understand that upon successul completion of this program, I will continue to stay engaged with Leadership Lancaster as an alumni. I will also assume a more active and effective leadership role in my community.

Yes, I agree to the terms
No, I do not agree to the terms - I will apply at another time

Organization/Employer Commitment

Nominees for the Leadership Lancaster program must have the commitment of their employer or organization. By completing the information below indicates that the employer/organization is aware of the work-release time required and endorses the applicant. For applicants who answer directly to a board of directors, such as an executive director of a nonprofit organization, please have the board president or chair fill out the information below.

Tuition Commitment

Full tuition is $2,250. Due to fixed costs, tuition is not refundable should a participant withdraw at any time during the course.

Each participant is expected to pay at least $150 of the tuition amount within four weeks of acceptance in order to hold their place in the class.

No applicant accepted into the program will be turned away for financial reasons. Click for more information on payment options and scholarships.

The employer's portion of the tuition will be paid by:

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