Executive Class Overview

As an executive new to Lancaster County, or new to an executive position, you know the value of connecting with your peers to explore opportunities for improving the quality of life in your new community.

Leadership Lancaster invites you to participate in its Executive Class. The series introduces key leaders to community-related issues in an intimate, interactive setting. The five-session program will provide a wealth of information about Lancaster County that will assist you in responding to local needs in light of the history, culture, current challenges and the future of this dynamic community.

During the sessions you will:
• Learn about current needs and challenges of the community.
• Obtain an overview of Lancaster's diverse culture, politics, resources, and unique characteristics.
• Gain insights about the systems that drive Lancaster County's education, arts and culture, public policy, agriculture, economics, and much more.
• Meet the people who define our community and learn how to get involved.

About Executive Class:

As a participant of the Executive Class, you will gain new perspectives about the community in which you live and work. By interacting with recognized leaders, you will become acquainted with the formal and informal decision-making channels in the economic, political, social, and civic structures.

With a group of other high-level decision makers, you will gain valuable guidance in your consideration of business and community activities. Your personal life will be enhanced through the valuable friendships you acquire through this program.

About Leadership Lancaster:

Leadership Lancaster is a division of the foundation of the Lancaster Chamber and is a nonprofit organization that has provided leadership development for more than 2,000 individuals over the past 35 years. In addition to the Executive Class, Leadership Lancaster offers the 9-month Core Program, the Board Leadership Academy, and Leadership Advantage.

The 2020 Executive Class is sponsored
through a generous partnership with PNC Bank

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