Core Class Curriculum

The Leadership Lancaster Core Program is designed to increase participants' knowledge of Lancaster County and to enhance their leadership skills to better serve the volunteer community.

During sessions, class members study the county's health and human services delivery strategies, education and legal systems. They examine the county's economic structure, the workings of government and the role of the arts. Participants sharpen leadership skills and learn about the major issues in Lancaster County. Core Class members learn about themselves, their team's structures and each other.

Program elements include:

Objective: To preview program features and expectations to be introduced to new class participants

Opening Retreat
Objectives: To recognize personal leadership styles. To gain a better awareness of group dynamics.

County Tour
Objective: To experience an overview of Lancaster County's uniqueness and diversity.

Understanding Differences
Objective: To demonstrate the importance of diversity by understanding and appreciating differences through mutual respect.

Health & Human Services
Objectives: To identify and recognize the needs of the delivery systems which responds to health care and human needs. To analyze public/private sector responsibility to meet those needs.

Arts & Culture
Objective: To examine the arts and arts' organizations in our community and their contributions to the quality of life.

Public Policy & Economic Development
Objectives: To examine local government and gain insight into how the political process works. To explore ways to become more involved in local government issues. To focus on the current economic climate of Lancaster County and future issues.

Leadership Advantage
Objectives: To develop responsibility toward civic involvement in the community. To enhance personal (individual) volunteer community leadership skills.

Public Education
Objectives: To increase the understanding of the current state of public education, adult education and education reform. To look at the impact of change and diversity in education and to learn about the citizen's role in the process.

Law & Justice
Objective: To gain knowledge of the justice system, the agencies providing public safety, and the impact of crime on victims and defendants in Lancaster County.

Closing Retreat
Objectives: To reflect on what was experienced and learned during the class year. To channel the participant's awareness, skills and knowledge into action.

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