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by Thomas L. Friedman

If you're living through the 21st century but feeling like the pace of life has picked up beyond what you can handle, "Thank You for Being Late" will help you understand why. Renowned journalist Thomas L. Friedman has returned to what he does best in this fascinating field guide to modern life--though many of the conclusions he comes to might leave you feeling anything but optimistic.
What Will You Learn from Reading This Book?
•A background understanding of the changes that have taken place in the past half century around the world
•The history of popular technology today, like the personal computer, the cell phone and 'Watson' the supercomputer
•An understanding of Moore's Law and why it is transforming the technology of the modern world
•The impacts of the Age of Acceleration on the environment, and what it means for the battle against climate change
•An understanding of the ways an accelerated world works to increase geopolitical tensions, and the surprising ways it can also solve it
•Why the cloud (or supernova) is possibly the single biggest achievement of our era
•What the strength in small communities is and the difference they can make for the world as a whole
•Why being constantly connected through 'flows' sometimes leaves us feeling more isolated than ever
•Where all the middle class jobs have gone, and what needs to happen to bring them back
•Why you don't need to worry about robots taking away your job...yet

WHAT: Thank you for Being Late: An Optimist's Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations
WHEN: January 29, 2018 at 6p
WHERE: Federal Taphouse (201 N Queen St, Lancaster)

There is no cost to attend but RSVP is requested to sarah@leadershiplancaster.org

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