**Our CAT Presentation date has changed from April 19 to April 26, 2019. See below for an updated list of session dates.

Core Class Session Dates

Dear Core Class Participant,

Congratulations again on being selected to participate in the Leadership Lancaster Core Class of 2019! You are about to begin a journey that will challenge and inspire you, and we are confident that your experience will be very rewarding.

September is rapidly approaching and some additional information is necessary in order for Leadership Lancaster staff and volunteers to be prepared for you when we meet. Below you will find a checklist of required information that MUST be submitted to the Leadership Lancaster office by AUGUST 17, 2018 at 4pm.

You can complete this checklist on the Core 2019 page on the Leadership Lancaster website. The case sensitive password is LeadershipLancaster2019.

Required information:
1. Emergency Contact Information: Please alert us to any medical or dietary needs, as well as the person we should contact on your behalf in the case of emergency.
2. Health and Human Services Survey: Please indicate what you believe to be the top FOUR County community needs in the online survey.
3. Pre-Class Survey: In order to allow the Program Committee and Leadership Lancaster staff to customize sessions to your level of knowledge, please complete the online survey.
4. Personal Paragraph: Please write a short paragraph about yourself, including items that will help your classmates get to know you. Information to share could include family, hobbies, communities you have lived in, schooling, job description, interests, likes/dislikes, etc. This paragraph will be distributed to your classmates at the Opening Retreat.
5. Model Release Form: Occasionally we will take and share pictures of the Core Class on social media, marketing, and in other formats. Please indicate your willingness to allow Leadership Lancaster to include your image.
6. DISC Assessment: Click here to access the DISC questionnaire. All Core Class participants must take the DISC Assessment. Please allow sufficient time to complete. Your Access Code is ENG-TB-LL-2015
7. CAT Group Interest Area: In order to help us place you in a CAT group, please select the TOP THREE topics that interest you from 1st to 3rd (1st being most interest).

Additionally, you will be asked to complete a few homework assignments throughout the year. These forms are also available on our website if you would like to begin working on them early:
* Orientation homework is due by the October 5th County Tour.
* The Arts and Culture homework is due by November 16th. Attend a local arts and culture performance, event, or exhibit (visual, theatrical, musical, museum exhibits, etc.) and evaluate your impressions. Please feel free to be creative with this--check out downtown's First Friday or Lititz's Second Friday, go to a Sight & Sound performance or Ephrata's Playhouse, attend a cultural fest, etc.
* The Government Observation is due by December 17th. Observe a city or county government meeting (planning commission, city council, township meetings, etc.) and report on your observations.
*Community Benefit Board Observation is due by April 26th. More information will be available following the Opening Retreat.

Questions or concerns about the pre-class work? Please don't hesitate to contact the LL office by calling (717) 394-9393 or email me.

Finally, please also watch your email one week ahead of the Opening Retreat, and all other Core Class sessions, for logistical information about the session. If you would like these emails to go to an additional email address, or you need to change your email preferences, please email me.

Kate, Erin, and I look forward to meeting you all in September!


Sarah Ganse

Alumni Engagement Coordinator

P.S. Save the date for the Core 2019 Welcome Reception, Leaders on Tap, on the evening of September 6. Feel free to invite friends, family, coworkers, and your Core Class Sponsors. More information coming soon!

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